Bring your team back together!

Re-ignite team spirit, empower connection and enhance collaboration. bNear is your virtual office for remote- and hybrid teams.


Remote work poses new challenges for executives & companies


Many feel disconnected as a lone-wolf-worker at home and miss their pack of colleagues.

Missing informal

Casual conversations and spontaneous interactions are widely missed.


Established workflows often fail in the remote environment.

Welcome to your new office.

Grapevine included!

Just like in the 'real' office: In a spatial environment, bNear creates new places for efficient collaboration, casual encounters, spontaneous interactions and informal exchanges – fostering information supply, creativity,  team spirit and motivation.

In a lively exchange...

Questions tend to come up randomly, and the best ideas don't come up in planned meetings. Instantly place a question, or share a flash of inspiration to your colleagues at the main table.

...or focussed and undisturbed.

You want to opt-out of the chitchat for a while? No problem! Sit down in the bean-bags. This way you stay present for your mates, while remaining undisturbed.

Know what's happening!

The meeting overview shows you all running meetings. Who is discussing what with whom? - you are always up to date and able to contribute.

☕️  Scheduled coffee calls? That's so 2020!

Take a break with your colleagues whenever you feel it, not when your calendar tells you to do so.

All the tools… right where you need them!

For your team or individual projects – bNear provides the right tools for the management of your agenda, projects, files and much more.

coming soon ...

Made for Microsoft Teams

bNear will be available in Microsoft Teams AppStore soon.

There are no additional set-up efforts. All files and user data remain where they already are –in your existing Sharepoint environment. Stepping into spacial collaboration has never been easier - and safer!

We are shaping the working world of tomorrow!

Being a distributed team ourselves, we have remote work in our DNA, but we believe it can be even better!
We build human centric digital collaboration software to help your team bringing new work to live - today!

Get bNear for your team!

Since March '22 bNear is available for a selected audience.

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