With our extensive experience in the Microsoft ecosystem and our engineering team successfully completing the required certifications, we recently received the official Microsoft Silver Partner status. By this, bNear is proven to be a secure collaboration app.

bNear - the secure collaboration app. Our approval and support by Microsoft even goes far beyond the regular Silver Partnership.

  • bNear is listed in the Microsoft Teams app store. This ensures a high level of secuity and liability as all Teams Store Apps are subject to frequent and thorough assessments for compliance, data security and privacy. It is surely a quality statement by Microsoft to not only enlist us, but also feature us as one of the Top 4 apps in Germany in September 22. 
  • Multiple of Microsoft`s own German Customer Success Managers started to promote us to their large enterprise customers. They love bNear as an extension to MS Teams that makes Microsoft`s collaboration ecosystem more human-centric and accessile to non-cloud-natives.  
  • Our software engineers are in regular direct exchange with the team at Microsoft, that is responsible to evolve the Graph API, the core of bNear`s deep integration into the M365 and MS Teams ecosystem.
  • Microsoft ensures the compliance and proofed security for all apps listed in their store. bNear is, as of today, the only secure collaboration app in the MS Teams universe, that provides customers and teams with spacial offices and dedicated ‘rooms’. 

We are proud that we were able to move from a customer and user to valued partner for Microsoft in just a few months. We are glad that we are part of the Microsoft ecosystem and can help move the Microsoft 365 Platform forward.

Update: Microsoft has changed their partner program by the end of September 2022 and converted the old Silver and Gold stati to the new title  ‘Microsoft Cloud Partner’. So far we did not experience major changes.

So we are now officially a Microsoft Cloud Partner 😀 
Let us know if you are interested in learning more about bNear, the only safe collaboration app with spatial UI, by clicking here.

MS Teams store featuring bNear
MS Teams store featuring bNear