Let's accelerate the world's transition to inclusive, human-
centric digital collaboration!

Who we are

We are a constantly growing team of complementary and mutually inspiring characters. No matter whether our background is in software development, sales, administration, customer support or modern work - we are driven by the shared belief in creating something special. Something that has a positive impact on businesses, employees and their families, and the environment. bNear enables participation in the team-life from anywhere – also for us! Locations bNear employees have worked from so far: Portugal, Spain, Canada, France, Austria, Switzerland, Fritz' camper van and Martin's little sailboat. We are regionally distributed and yet close to each other every day - after all, we have a common office in bNear!

What we stand for

Our purpose is to accelerate the world's transition to inclusive, human-centric, digital collaboration. With the help of bNear, businesses can make a substantial impact for employees and their families. Less commuting and fewer on-site meetings saves time, money and fuel and helps reduce emissions. With bNear all of this is possible, without risking to feel disconnected. bNear makes the full social and functional membership in a team accessible for everyone, no matter from where they work. Allowing (single) parents or carers to fully participate in their team lives, while being with their loved ones at home. Recruit the best-fitting talents for your team, wherever they choose to live. With more companies using bNear, less people need to leave their families, move houses or emigrate for a well-paid job and still be a full member of a cross-cultural team.

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Get to know our amazing team

We know, it`s still a man cave. We are working on it...

Arnd Westermann

Software Engineer

Fritz Fried

Co-Founder - Product & Tech

Jonathan Schleußer

Lead Software Engineer
Lucas Beste bNear

Lucas Beste

Junior Developer

Malte Hendricks

Co-Founder - Finance, BD & People

Malte Lantin

Senior Technical Advisor
Martin Lang New Work Coach Gründer von bNear

Martin Lang

Co-Founder - Product Concepts, Marketing, PR
Rene Freitag bNear

Rene Freitag

Junior Data Analyst

Sascha Theismann

Co-Founder - Sales & Customer Experience
Sebastian Stünkel bNear

Sebastian Stünkel

Senior Software Engineer

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