The expression and exchange of feelings is very important to build up team cohesion and develop a better remote team culture

Most companies and team managers, coaches, tribe leaders etc. spent a lot of time and energy to develop rituals and tools for information-sharing in between team members. For obvious reasons, this is an important management task to ensure team efficiency. We unfortunately regularly fail to put the same effort into the analysis and optimization of social communication flows. It is especially critical if you want to establish a healthy remote team culture.

Sharing emotions is an important part of any team. It helps to create an environment of understanding and trust, and allows team communication to run barrier-free and open.

Here are some of the key reasons why sharing emotions is important to improve your remote team culture:

  • It helps to build connections: Sharing emotions helps team members to connect on a deeper level. This can help to foster an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding, which can be beneficial for team members. It can also help to strengthen relationships and create an environment of inclusiveness and support.
  • It reduces conflicts: Sharing emotions can help to reduce conflict in the workplace. When team members feel comfortable expressing their feelings, they are more likely to be open and honest with each other. This can help to prevent misunderstandings that can lead to disagreements and disputes.
  • It encourages open communication: Sharing emotions can also help to foster open communication. Team members feel more comfortable expressing their feelings and opinions when they know they will be heard and respected. This can help to encourage collaboration and creativity, as well as a sense of shared purpose.
  • It promotes empathy: Sharing emotions can also help to promote empathy among team members. When team members are able to understand each other
Sharing emotions is important for teams
Sharing emotions is important for teams

Let your feelings run free to improve remote team spirit!

The opportunity to select a personal Emojis is one of the most beloved features on bNear Team Floors. Using the familiar icons, you can share your current state of mind or work mode with your team mates. Be sure to check in with your colleagues regularly, as we’ve found that there are great opportunities for a quick chat. Someone shows a red 😡 , green 🤢 or sad 😞 face: Ask what’s going on. You see a car 🚗 , train 🚆 or plane 🛫 emoji: Probably not a good time for a spontaneous video call. Or someone is still sleepy in the morning 😴 , as I often am, give her or him a few more minutes of rest.   

Be aware and take care of each other! 😘

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