Why a central place to organize all your teams' links, tools and files is important to boost productivity in your hybrid team.

As a team lead, you care a lot about your teams productivity, especially in hybrid and remote teams or with varying individual schedules. One key aspect of organization is the sharing of sources and tools among team members. A shared bookmark and link list can be a valuable tool for keeping track of all the resources, documents, links, and information needed for a project. These lists should be sorted by context and should include frequently used tools such as project plans, task boards, templates, HR self-service tools, team calendars, and any other relevant resources.

It is important for all members of the hybrid team to agree on the same shared list and to collectively edit and share these lists. As a team lead, you can facilitate this process and ensure that everyone has access to the necessary resources. Establishing a policy to only use these links to open resources can also help with organization.

In addition to organizing shared sources and tools, it is important to have open discussions with your team about the content, location, and relevance of these resources. This can provide an opportunity to review and optimize the organization of shared sources and tools in a hybrid team, ensuring that your team is as efficient and effective as possible.

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Organize tools, drives and boards as a team
Organize tools, drives and boards as a team

What is it about? Teams and project teams can now instantly reach the links to their most used online tools and resources as quick as possible.  

Bookshelf: Bookmark the links to the files, folders or knowledge resources you frequently WORK WITH as a team. Now you all have the same link list. Don`t download and mail files to each other anymore. Open the files in the bookshelf and when you leave, all the changes are saved and available for the others.   

Task Board: Find all the tools you use to ORGANIZE yourselves as a team here. This can be your Jira, Trello or Planner board, a link to your team calendar, or an Excel file with your shift plans. Your choice.  

Tools Monitor: List here all the EXTERNAL TOOLS your team uses daily to get your work done. Focus on the tools your team uses most. Link to your CRM, dashboards, SAP forms, accounting software, social media dashboards, travel booking website, BI tool, Adobe Creative Cloud or whatever your job is about.    

How does it work? Decide together, as a team, what the most important links are and then enter them by clicking on the little gear wheel. Chose a name, enter the deep link (just copy/paste the URL from the Browser) and there you have your shared list. A little hint: If you usually start the tool of choice in-app, so from inside MS Teams from the sidebar or top bar in MS Teams Channels, you can get the deep-link by right-clicking on it and chose ‘go to website’. Finally copy/paste the link from there into the furniture of choice. 

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